Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 41/365 It’s time to go, Greco-Roman bookends

      No, these aren’t authentic. No one lifted them from ancient sites. I’m no Lord Elgin. Originally they were given to my son, but they have been left here for so long that I consider them mine.

    But they have to go. Why? Because I have to start getting rid of some of the thousands of sitters and memorabilia in this special room of mine, known as the Angel Room. It is almost impossible to let go of anything in here, so I figure that most of the stuff will stay until we’re ready to move out of the house.

     But these Greco-Roman bookends are about to continue their odyssey, back to my son and his daughter, who loves all things Greek and Roman, even to the point of choosing Latin as the language to study in middle school.

     As far as the rug with the Coliseum, I’m not ready to let it go yet. Um, it’s hard enough to part with the bookends.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 40/365 It’s time to go, Christmas bells

     I haven’t gone through the Christmas boxes in the attic yet, but this is a start on that category. These bells are a mess, all tangled up, but we can still plug them in and hear 25 different tunes. 

     Easy for me to let them go and my daughter is willing to take them. As a start, we’ve accumulated plenty of Christmas decorations over the years, and this one is new from the put-and-take, so I have no sentimental attachment. I’m also into living a more silent life; these bells don’t fit my idea of ‘beautiful silence’.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 39/365 It’s time to go, photographs and souvenirs

     I’ve been visiting my sister and here’s what I brought for her pickings. Photographs from when we were kids, a high school banner, a camp catalogue, and a Beatrix Potter poster from the MFA. Stuff my sister might appreciate. 

   Although she is a minimalist, she only sent me back with a few photos.