Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 142/365 It's time to go, cherry tree stump

When we moved into our current house a very old cherry tree bloomed regularly each spring in the backyard. But like all things mortal, the tree grew old, grew barren and died.

 The stump lived on, however, and continued to mark the spot where pink flowers once bloomed on its branches.

 Last winter our fence gave up the ghost and was replace
d this spring. During construction of the new fence the old stump had to go. But not entirely. It was sawed into pieces, and the biggest piece, turned upside down, now has place of honor on our patio.

 The faithful old cherry tree,  once bore  beautiful blossoms. Now part of it will bear cheese platters and drinks. And remind us of pink blossoms and long ago springs.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 141/365 It's time to go, fence


     Parts of this fence are over 35 years old. We put it up when we moved in and then over the years hurricanes and just wear and tear have forced us to replace different sections. Since we live on a busy street we really need the protection; every day half the town goes by and turns into the library just across the street.
     Because we had to buy new fencing, this isn’t one of our best getting letting go projects. But my husband plans to cut up the old slats and use them for kindling. We do the best we can to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 140/365 It's time to go, used up acrylic paint tubes


After visits from four grandchildren and three second cousins the supply of acrylic paint at our house has been exhausted. Many fine works of art were produced over the course of several days by our talented grandchildren and relatives, and they are now on display throughout the house.

The used up paint supplies will be heading for the dump, but since they will be replaced when the put-and-take opens next week, there will be no net gain in getting rid of stuff.


Since we have gained more pictures to hang, our quantity of stuff has increased, but so has the quality.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 139/365 It’s time to go, jigsaw puzzle

A while ago as I dismantled a partially completed jigsaw puzzle of a box of candies. The individual candies were fun to piece together but the hundreds of little brown wrappings were more of a challenge than I had interest in. When I realized I wouldn’t have time to finish it before leaving my rental cottage by the sea, my interest dwindled, and voila, back in the box it went. Maybe I just don’t like candy enough. If it had been potato chips, I still be working on it. Um, I wonder if one of those exists? 

    This is only the second puzzle I haven’t completed. Usually I keep them out for a few days after I place the last piece, and then off they go to share with one of my puzzle friends.