Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 173/365 Its time to go, stuff for the yard sale.

   The other day we loaded our car with stuff from the garage, drove six hours and unloaded it right into our daughters garage. This is all in preparation for the annual June yard sale in her neighborhood. Come on down.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 172/365 Its time to go, stuff on the street

As you can see, I haven’t written on this blog for a looooong time. But please, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t let go of stuff. As I wrote in blog, it’s not that we’ve lost the desire, but we’re probably not as intentional as we were—and I got tired of writing it up.
     I’m not ready to let go of the blog, so here’s the cottage post. I’ll see what I can do, but not on a daily basis. 

Two years ago I started a blog IT’S TIME TO GO; LETTING GO OF STUFF My husband and I had the intention of getting rid of one thing every day for an entire year. We did quite well, but then our commitment faded and I got tired of blogging about it. The desire is still there; I just wish I had a clone who was interested in doing all the work.
    On my walk the other day I was reminded that I am not alone in the challenge to let go of stuff. Along the side of the road, waiting for trash removal, was a plastic box, with “Mike, Photo Albums, Keep,” written on its side. Where are the photos? Did Mike toss them? Did his mother toss them? Have they been sorted and distributed? Have they been scanned?
     All these questions indicate just how difficult it is to let go of stuff. When we see treasures piled by the side of the road, we can be pretty sure a complex decision making process landed them there.