Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 171/365 It’s time to go, junked-up parlor

     Sorry for the hiatus but we’ve been organizing more than getting rid of stuff. The old parlor has been transformed into The Reading Room. My part was to clear the shelves and let go of some of the books. My husband did the rest, and without accumulating new stuff I might add. Instead. he rearranged furniture, hung up pictures, vacuumed, and added a few choice interior decorator touches.

    Here’s what he sent out to family.

The front  room at 16 Concord Road has been thoroughly cleaned out and remodeled. In a brief dedication ceremony  Camp Fisher managers decreed that it is now and forever more known as The Reading Room.

The Room been completely refurbished with period antique furniture, including the old Eberman kitchen table and Stevens family writing desk, plus unique select items from the Sudbury put and take.

 Now warm and inviting, The Reading Room invites Camp Fisher guests to come and stay awhile, drop their cares and enjoy a good book, write a letter, practice on a musical instrument, or create  pictures and  sculptures.

The Reading Room easily converts into a guest bedroom when necessary, and is expected to be in great demand over the holidays.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 170/365 It’s time to go, unwanted clothing


  I only have one picture to show you today; the bags of clothing in my trunk ready to go to the church rummage sale. Some are mine, some my sister’s, and a few pieces are the remains of my mom’s meager wardrobe at the end of her long life.
     I considered opening the bags, laying the contents out on the bed, and taking some pictures of what I was letting go of. But oh no, I wouldn’t dare. You see, one of my rules is, “Never look into a rummage sale bag once you’ve put something in.” Why? I did that once and ended up with an empty bag and a refilled closet.
      Whatever made me get rid of that?”

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 169/365 It’s time to go, apples on the tree


     Letting go of all the apples that the family picks at the apple orchard can be a challenge. There’s a built in deadline, unlike the books in the parlor. You gotta do something with them before they rot and you have to let them gointo the compost heap/garbage. 


My grandchildren left me with a bag. Easy recipe once they are peeled and cored; into the crock pot with some water and cinnamon. That’s all, no sugar needed. These New England apples are more than sweet.. The recipe called for lemon juice, but I didn’t have any, and that was just fine. No one will know. Next time I’m going to cook them, skins and all. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 168/365 It’s time to go, more books on the shelf

       So far I’m been loyal to my commitment to clear off a shelf a day in the parlor. Books continue to land in paper bags destined for the put-and take or the church fair. Others are in piles for friends who have young children. This is when letting go of stuff is at it’s best. I pay a visit, read to the kids and leave the books with them. It makes it possible/easy to let go of favorite story books, books that I read to my children and grandchildren, books that are out of print. 

     Then there are the puzzles. Which to keep, which to let go of? I don’t mind 1000 piece puzzles, in fact they are my favorites, but I like to be able to match the piece to the picture. All those puzzles in which the colors all blend into each other, out, out, out—it’s time for them to go. 

    NO!                                                                                                                   YES!