Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 120/365 It’s time to go, birthday and other celebrations

      Most of my celebrations are all packed within the last week of December: Christmas, our wedding anniversary, my birthday and New Years. No way to change any of them. In fact the only one I ever had control over was our anniversary, and back in 1963 that didn’t seem like a good option. It all went magnificently, and I have no regrets. 


   To add to the bundle of festivities, six years after I was born, my sister appeared. Yes, on the very day, December 30th. I remember the telephone call from my father. As I look back, I don’t recall ever being jealous that I had to share my birthday with Margot. I’m very glad of that. We’ve always had a special bond; I love celebrating with her.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 119/365 It’s time to go, brownies

     This wasn’t an easy gift-giving Christmas for me as far as my husband was concerned. Since I don’t go to the put-and-take, I had nothing to give him from that rich resource, and after almost 120 days of letting go of stuff, there was no way I could justify going out and buying something,  something that I’d then have to write about getting rid of on this blog. 

    But Christmas is a time of giving, so what to do? Ah, food. Ah, my delicious brown sugar brownies, with chocolate bits. I make them all the time, but usually to take to people, leaving my husband with a few undersized pieces in the pan.
    So this Christmas I wrapped four brownies in seven separate baggies and labeled each one with a day of the week. I figured that he could enjoy them when I’m up at the cottage, but he showed his appreciation by eating the Tuesday ones on Christmas day.
     I guess I’ll have to make him some more after the holidays.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 118/365 It’s time to go, little trapezist

    Regifting is one the best ways to let go of stuff, especially the stuff that I still love and want to keep. The problem is that after living in this house for close to forty years, I have way too many possessions in the category of love and want. So, this Christmas I gave my little wooden trapeze guy, who for years had been a fixture in the downstairs lavatory, to a friend who is a trapezist, herself. 


 She loves it; as she pushed the wooden sides to activate the little guy, I could tell that she was enjoying it as only a trapezist could—one trapezist to another.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 117/365 It’s time to go, wrapped presents under the tree

    My husband’s sister in Villa Grande, California sent the following message telling of her Christmas present to us. Obviously she follows this blog and is in sync with what we are trying to do.
   For your Christmas present I have purchased and planted two sword ferns in our preserve at Patterson Point. This way you will not have to "let go" of anything. They will continue to grow and flourish and help to beautify our preserve.

    So Linda, thank you. We could be more delighted. Keep us posted on how the ferns are doing.  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 116/365 It’s time to go, shortest day of the year

    This morning the earliest winter since 1896 arrived with the solstice at 6:12. It was completely dark, except for the street lights across the bay.

Here at the cottage I lit candle and celebrated with a cup of coffee and a sticky bun.

The sun rose at precisely 7:11—at least I have faith that that was what was happening behind those clouds.

When I return here in early January, the sun will be rising a little more to the north, and daylight hours will be a little longer. This shortest day will be no more, but come June 21st, I’ll have to let go of the longest day of the year. Will it ever end?