Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving hiatus: 200/265

    How pathetic that on this 200th day of letting go of stuff, I am reporting a Thanksgiving hiatus.

     We don’t seem to be letting go of anything this Thanksgiving week. In fact, I made my semi-annual trip to the outlets to refresh my wardrobe, although I plan to get rid of the same number of item in my closet.
    I do want to share, however, how excited we are about using a U-haul, something that might be of use if we ever decide to move from our home. Jim drove the smallest truck-size U-Haul to help our friend move things from her home in Vermont to our area. Packing it may be more of a challenge than driving it.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Summer furniture out, winter in: 199/365

Summer furniture out, winter in. We’re not really getting rid of anything, but this is clearing up and clearing out that has to be done. Twice a year I switch from blue stripped summer to light forest green for winter. Patio furniture and cushions are stored away in the barn. We feel like bears ready for hibernation. 

All that remains of Camp Fisher is the flag. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Stuff to recycle: 198/365

The good news is that at the fair on Saturday neither of us bought anything to add to our stuff. My purchases were consumables. I got a great deal on Christmas wrapping paper, and bought a pie for Thanksgiving. I already told you about the puzzle, which will be recycled next year.
    AND, I didn’t buy any jewelry! Actually I never planned to, but I must tell you that there are many women just don’t have enough. They were lined up ready to enter when the doors opened at 9, and in they rushed, knowing where to go, never even glancing at the bake table. I am told a similar line formed at the door leading to the white elephants. Evidently 12 Shoppes of Christmas at MCC has a reputation.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Oh, dear, accumulating puzzles. 197/365

Yesterday I did some more tidying in the front room. My plan had been to get rid of many books, but I just couldn’t do it….yet. The good news is that the room is becoming livable. The bad news is that in helping organize books and puzzles for the church fair, I came home with ten new puzzles, which I’ve already put on the shelf, each one waiting to be selected as my next challenge. That won’t be until after Christmas, when hopefully I will have finish the 2000 piece dog puzzle I’m working on now. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More stuff and tidying up: 196/365

More stuff is now out of the front room and what I want to keep is neatly stored on the shelves. Sometimes tidying up is more satisfying that throwing things away.
    What I couldn’t get rid of are my mother’s papers, files and childhood dictionary. They may stay with me forever.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

From put-and-take to church fair Day 195/365

This morning it was off to the church to dump two carloads of white elephants for Saturday’s fair. Most of it was stuff my husband had accumulated over the summer from the town’s put-and –take, but some were things that I had boxed and bagged over the past year.

 The front room is looking more like a living room and less like a storage/junk room.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Letting go of books and puzzles~Day 194/365
Here I am, at it again, determined to keep going on the purge that started August 20, 2012 when I got rid of piggy banks. My plan back then was to let go of something every day for a year. Well, what kind of sensible plan was that? Not very, although today I am at day 194, over half way through. It was a year ago minus a day that I posted Day 193/365.
     Three years later and we are still in the same house, with no intention to move from this place, although we are now three years older--mid-seventies. Although my mother lived to be 101*, I’m not planning on that, nor can I trust that it will happen.
       All the stuff in this house doesn’t bother my husband, who says we can get out of here in three months if we have to; but it weighs heavily on me, so I’m the one who has to get going.
     Today it is books and puzzles. Perfect timing because the church fair is Saturday. Here goes a carload.

* My excuse for not keeping up the daily purge is that I was writing a book about my mother and me. The Story of My Hundred Year Old Mother and Me. You can check it out on Amazon. Just key in “Very Grateful.”

* My excuse for not keeping up the daily purge is that I was writing a book about my mother and me. The Story of My Hundred Year Old Mother and Me. You can check it out on Amazon. Just key in “Very Grateful.”