Friday, January 29, 2016

Too many cookbooks: 204/365

Two days into the renewed purging. If I can do a little each day, it will get done—whatever that means. Yesterday I spent no more than ten minutes getting rid of cookbooks. There is more room on the shelf, and  I am free from household obligations for the rest of the day. I’ve kept enough books to lift something different out of the oven and onto the table every day, even if I live to be my mother's age of one hundred one.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Purging more clothes and shoes: 203/365

    Decisions are getting easy. I don’t have as many shoes and slippers to chose from. Sounds simple, and it is. Just one less thing to think about when getting dressed. Alas, I have more to purge, but this is a start.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Turtlenecks and shoes, out you go: 202/365

I’m back, determined to purge again. The forty year collection of stuff in this house has got to go. Every day my thoughts about stuff clutter my mind, or should I say  the thoughts about clutter stuff my mind. I lament to friends but I don’t take action. Maybe this time I mean business. I hope so, in fact I will it to be so. It will just be a little each day but I have faith in the cumulative effect!
      Yesterday it was a closet, not tidying up but purging twenty turtlenecks, three pairs of slippers, and two pairs of sneakers. Some is being washed ready for the spring church rummage sale; the rest is on its way to the dump.