Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 163/365 It’s time to go, desk

     I’m still in a lull. Why would I want to clear out stuff during these pristine summer days that invite me to walk and read? You don’t have to answer that one!!
      Today we’re taking a little desk that my husband found at the put-and-take to our son. It’s a birthday present that costs of nothing, but he wants it, and as the expression goes, ‘It’s the thought that counts.’
      And then there’s the lamp. Everyone’s first choice!!
    We’ll be returning with our grandpet Scuppers, who is coming for her grandcation while the family is on their vacation. In a couple of weeks we’ll let her go.  

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 162/365 It’s time to go, this and that

     I’m not into getting rid of stuff these days; my heart isn’t into it although I want everything out. I just want it out without any work or effort on my part. When I have the time, I’d rather read or knit.
     Can I blame it on these days of summer? Probably not, but I try. So in desperation, I called on my ‘5 minute purge’: set the timer and see what I can let go of. Today it was the bedroom, which is really two rooms, including our office. Aside from books, most of the stuff is my husband’s. But, along with a few trinkets,  I did find a bunch of audio-tapes with years of accumulated dust.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 161/365 It’s time to go, suitcase

     This suitcase went to the put-and-take a month ago when I got home from Scotland and after it had spent a week on its own in Brussels on the way from Boston to Glasgow. It wasn’t the airline’s fault that the wheel broke. The suitcase was worn out from its many transatlantic flights over the past twenty years. It was time for it to go.

 But I can’t believe that the new one I bought is almost identical. Am I boring, or am I sensible in ways that make perfect sense? I am going to chose the latter. Without a doubt, any future travel of mine is not about fashion.  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 160/365 It’s time to go, stuff under the kitchen sink

    Have you ever noticed that no matter how often you clean under the kitchen sink there is always plenty to throw away? I don’t clean there very often, and I try to keep up with it, but still, there’s always stuff to toss. The other day I had to remove everything so we could deal with a clogged drain. That’s taken care of; the stuff is back, but not before another purge.

That Ajax is 40 years old. I kid you not.