Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Washing pillows: 201/365

     Again, I’m not getting rid of stuff. Lately this blog has become about organizing stuff. Oh, well, I figure that anyone who want to purge always wants to organize.
     The other day, in all earnestness, the salesman at the local mattress store told me, “Of course, you know that we should get rid of our pillows every two years.”
      “Even my favorites from childhood?” I responded.
     Wow, that feels like one of the worst should of life. I’m not even close. But the man has a point, a really good one. So, I have taken on the project of washing all the bed pillows in the house. Here’s how it goes:
1) Put pillowslip protector on the pillow
2) Wash two at a time--balances the machine; use very little detergent; press the two-rinse button
3) Add three tennis balls to the dryer and dry away; fluff pillows a few times; air dry if needed.
     I use the same procedure with all kinds of pillows, from down to very cheap.
     Hum, throwing away pillows isn’t very GREEN. But neither is all that water and energy that my machines use.