Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 23/365 It’s time to go, more junk in boxes

      The sunroom became cluttered again yesterday but I worked through that next wave of boxes from the attic. I have to believe that I let go of more than I kept but I can’t promise. It wasn’t easy.
       I tried to get rid of a copy of a Saturday Evening Post cover, figuring that we had enough copies for posterity, but my husband retrieved it. My little sister and brother modeled for it. No, my sister isn’t a twin; Norman Rockwell must have figured the world needed two of her and I completely agree. I could use more of my little brother, too.

       Next, my book archives. In and of themselves the published books should be enough, but I’m not ready to let go of the notebooks with letters from my publisher, notes from teachers, and pictures of all the fun that those days produced.

     Finally there are all those class photographs. You know, a composite of the children in the class, plus the teacher and principal. I definitely can’t let go of those. After all, I’ve kept up with some of my students, who now have kindergarteners and first graders of their own.

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