Thursday, January 24, 2019

It’s time to go, family photos, 225/365. NO, it’s not!

 It is hard to let go of family photographs. To some extent it’s an age issue, because really, who prints out photographs these days? Before we know it, getting rid of photos will happen almost solely by clicking ‘delete’. Hopefully, however, memories will give us pause when clearing out our iPhone or iPhotos.

     So here are our photo albums, a few from my childhood, most from our fifty years of parenthood. Of course, I could scan them into iPhotos!
    It just may be that getting rid of family photos remains in a category all by itself. Why should we even be expected to get rid of pictures of ourselves, our friends and families, or our specific life experiences.

      When I started this project, I thought that best I could do was box the photos and leave all decisions to future generations. But, no, I can’t even do that. The albums need to be left on the shelf for now. After all, I never know when I’ll need a picturesque memory.

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